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Citrix Workspace Environment Management (WEM) puppet module

Puppet module installing an enterprise grade Citrix WEM environment with database and infrastructure services.

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Citrix Workspace Environment Management puppet module

This modules install an enterprise production grade Citrix Workspace Environment Management 4.5 broker, including WEM database creation and administrator rights setup.

The following options are available for a production-grade installation :


The minimum Windows Management Framework (PowerShell) version required is 5.0 or higher, which ships with Windows 10 or Windows Server 2016, but can also be installed on Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2.

This module requires SQLServer powershell module v21.0.17199. The module will install this dependancy :

This module requires a custom version of the puppetlabs-dsc module compiled with CitrixWemDsc as a dependancy. Ready to use module provided on Github.

Change log

A full list of changes in each version can be found in the change log.

Integration informations

The Citrix WEM database will be installed in the default MSSQLSERVER SQL Server instance. This module does not provide the capability to install the databases in another SQL intance.

The database failover mecanism integrated in this module is SQL Server AlwaysOn.

The module can be installed on a Core, Standard, Datacenter version of Windows 2012R2 or Windows 2016. Core OS is now supported by Citrix Workspace Environment Management.

Warning : Automated installation of ‘Infrastructure Services’ and ‘Management Console’ WEM 4.5 EXE installers will make the first two puppet runs fail. Asynchronous installation of dependencies make the the first EXE file exit just after extracting and running dependencies. At this step, Puppet or Powershell can’t verify that the software is in desired state and throw an error. Start a new Puppet run which will detect the installed software and continue the run.


Installing a Citrix Workspace Environment Management broker

node 'WEM' {
    setup_svc_username               =>'DOMAIN-TEST\Administrator',
    setup_svc_password               =>'P@ssw0rd',
    infrastructureservicessourcepath => '\\\\fileserver.local\sources\Workspace-Environment-Management-v-4-05-00\Citrix Workspace Environment Management Infrastructure Services Setup.exe',
    infrastructureServicesProductId  => '6F9F03C1-C707-4148-B45D-8DF3AE0033DC',
    managementconsolesourcepath      => '\\\\\sources\Workspace-Environment-Management-v-4-05-00\Citrix Workspace Environment Management Console Setup.exe',
    managementconsoleproductid       => 'EB282EB6-C33F-4DB7-AEDA-B8F672347987',
    sqlservermodulesource            => 'offline',
    sqlservermodulesourcepath        => '\\\\\sources\',
    wem_svc_username                 => 'svc-wem-puppet',
    wem_svc_password                 => 'P@ssw0rd',
    defaultadministratorsgroup       =>'DOMAIN-TEST\Domain Admins',
    vuemusersqlpassword              =>'P@ssw0rd',
    databaseserver                   =>'',
    databasename                     =>'CitrixWEMPuppet01',
    databasefilesfolder              =>'c:\\Program Files\\Microsoft SQL Server\\MSSQL13.MSSQLSERVER\\MSSQL\\Data',
    citrixlicenseserver              =>'',
    loadbalandedwem                  => true,
    loadbalancedwemfqdn              => '',