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Puppet and Powershell DSC module installing and configuring the Citrix and Microsoft licensing servers required for Xendeskop or XenApp enterprise deployment


This xd7licenseserver module installs and configures the Ctrix licensing server and the Microsoft RDS license server required for server based applications publishing (XenApp).

The license file provided to this module is automatically installed on the Citrix Licensing server. Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop Product Edition is configured in xd7mastercontroller class during XenDesktop 7.x site creation.

The Microsoft RDS license server has to be manually activated with the method of your choice (automatic, phone, …). t is automatically registered in the “Terminal Server License Servers” group in Active Directory.

The following options are available for a production-grade installation :



This class will install and configure the Citrix and Microsoft RDS licensing features